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Don't be a market crasher

I am proud to say that I have personally achieved record sales prices in THREE key industrial areas in the past few months.

One in Arundel, for $4,825/SQM, one in Stapylton on a B grade industrial unit for $2,833/SQM and one in Coomera for $4200/SQM.

There has been a lot of negative talk in the media about the market slowing down, but the actual reality is…

à Tenants and investors are out in droves

à Owner occupiers can still purchase for cheaper than they can rent

à Most industrial businesses like to move over the Christmas period when it has quietened down and the staff are on holiday.

So as agents we really should be seeing record prices and aiming for this.


Whatever sales price we achieve affects everything else around it. A sudden fire sale in a commercial complex has a ripple effect on every other unit in that complex, and everything else around it.

The Valuers have no choice but to take this sale into account.

I have said historically there are two types of Commercial Agents.

1. A market driver

2. A market crasher

Market drivers understand that mud sticks and it’s in the interest of every property owner to achieve the absolute best and highest price for the property.

A Market Crasher is an agent that does the deal for the sake of the deal, just for the commission with no regard for the fallout.

Market Drives are constantly talking to all the local developers, owners and landlords about how the market is travelling, where it needs to sit to be sustainable, where the bottom line is before any damage is done.

A Market Crasher is talking a Vendor into taking the first offer they get. ‘Good deals a fast deal right?’ Wrong.

When you are selecting a commercial agent for your property or project, ask them about mindset regarding the big picture. Ask about recent sales and see how these sales stack up price wise in relation to the rest of the market.

Make sure you choose a Market Driver.

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