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Knock them out early

Knockout your prospects early with the first punch.

It is the fastest way to qualify them.

Qualifying a customer is the most important part of any sales role.

Why? It saves you time, it makes you money and makes sure the customer fits your product.

Remember – the customer is the variable, not the product you are selling.

In commercial real estate the MOST important question you can ask a prospective client in the first minute of contact is ‘what does your business do?’

This is my knockout question.

This automatically qualifies or disqualifies the prospect from a property.

You need to work out what the best knockout question is for your product and ask early.

Another KOQ is ‘how much can you spend?’

Once they have passed the knockout test, qualify again.

This could include asking:-

· Are you the decision maker?

· Is doing nothing an option?

· What problem are you trying to solve?

· What have you tried in the past?

Qualifying ultimately will save you time running around with a dead-end prospect and allow you to spend more time on customers and clients that are going to buy.

So put your dukes up.

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