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Follow Protocol or Pay

It’s Human Nature to take short cuts, cut corners and fast track stuff to get to the finish line faster.

But there is danger in this.

ALWAYS assume the worst possible scenario and mitigate this occurring by sticking to the formulae.

I had a situation this week where I let my guard down, did not follow protocol and trusted a tenant to do the right thing. They did not.

The tenant clearly wanted to take a short cut and fast track the process. I don’t really blame them, but it did not end well. I was even threatened by the tenant.

In Episode 19, I will go through what went wrong, why it happened and how it can be avoided.

Protocol is there for a reason. It might feel like the long way. But don’t get complacent and let your guard down. It could be very costly.


· You could void your indemnity insurance · You may insure someone or they may injure themselves · You could be sued for damages

Ticking off the boxes and following systems is so important for taking care of your business. Whether it be for safety reasons or to avoid litigation, do yourself a favour and stick to the program. Lead by example. Remember – if you are cutting corners you are setting the bar.

What systems to do you in place to make sure everyone in your business is following the rules?

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