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Answer the Phone!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Might seem simple - but not everybody is doing this.

I often see articles on Linkedin discussing the 'secrets of success' for sales people in real estate. They talk about referrals, market share, time management, cold calling etc etc all of which are important. However rarely do they talk about the fundamentals of being a successful agent.

I speak to a lot of people about their experience when dealing with commercial agents in particular, and the number one issue for most people, is that the agents don't answer the phone and take too long to return the call if they call back at all. The other issue is 'follow through'.

To me these issues are basic 101 sales protocol. Calls are money. From personal experience I estimate that on average, every 3 phone calls will result in one inspection, and normally for every two inspections, you are likely to receive an offer. Hopefully with some astute negotiating you close and get the sale. So effectively you only really need to answer the phone 6 times to do a deal.

Its a numbers game. Take the call, get back to a missed call, don't take your sweet time. Clock up the 6 calls and close the deal. Simple?

Well no, you still need to do the 'follow through.' If you tell a customer you are going to email them something, do it. Once you've done it, call them & check to see they have it. Then call them again the next day and see if they need anything else. Be tenacious and don't be afraid to be. If you arrange an inspection time, be there on time, know your property, and be open and honest about what you don't know.

Being efficient will make you stand apart from the rest. It will allow you to build long term relationships with clients because they know they can rely on you. You become the 'go to' person for their property needs because they trust you. Oh and they tell their friends, family and colleagues about you. So yes referrals are important, and so is time management and market share etc etc. But it all starts by simply answering the phone.

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