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Have you considered a career in Commercial Real Estate?

Have you ever considered a career in commercial real estate? If yes pay attention, if no – this may change your mind.

Every industry has its good points and bad points. So, let’s break this down and see what these look like in Commercial Real Estate.

Let’s start with the bad stuff.

1. It has typically been a boy’s club

2. Tough Industry to enter unless you know someone, or you have industry experience

3. There is little training or support externally for people wanting to get into the industry.

The good news:

a) There is a shift. The industry now accepts women in the industry as par for the course. If you do your job, provide an outstanding service, and deliver results, it no longer matters what gender you identify with.

(b) The market is about to interrupted.

So what’s awesome?

1. The opportunities to specialise are endless

2. There is no glass ceiling when it comes to earning potential.

3. It doesn’t matter what the external market is doing – as long as you pivot and adapt.

Why is this?

If interest rates increase, there are more tenants in the market, if interest rates decrease, there are more buyers or what we call ‘owner occupiers’. If inflation increases, the investors come out. Why? Rentals increase yearly with inflation – so there is a huge incentive for investors to move away from the share market and into commercial real estate.

Want to know more?

Let me know if a career in commercial real estate is something you’ve considered or if you are curious about how to get in. Ask me how.

Want a one on one career counselling session with me. Book a session on this website.

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