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Stop Listening to the Media

STOP listening to the Media! 📻

They want your attention, so they are bombarding you with bad news.

They are continuously telling us that the economy is in dire straits right now.

I hear people talking about an impending recession and even another great depression! 🫥

The news is filled with the interest rates rise, increases in the cost of living, high inflation, mortgage strain etc etc.

I am not saying this is FAKE NEWS – but they only give you half the story – they sensationalise the bad news to hold your attention.

Are you serious about selling? Switch it off!

The DOOM AND GLOOM designed to scare you.

This can be paralysing.⛓️ Stop buying into it. Don’t curl up in a ball and give up.

Get on with it. 💪

There’s an old saying, ‘The Rich get Richer’ 💸

Why do you think this happens? Most of us assume that they are taking advantage of other people’s misfortune in times like these.

But is it more to do with the fact that they are not influenced or paralysed by the bombardment of bad news, and keep seeking out opportunities?

Get savvy! 😊

Here are some tips to help you block out the white noise and continue to kick goals:-

1. Focus on your business – focus on your customers, work on the micro stuff

2. Work harder, put your head down and do your best. (Chances are your competition are paralysed by the bad news and have downed tools.)

3. Sharpen your tools, improve your skills, take a course, get a mentor. Learning is earning!

4. Pivot – focus on the areas you can see are booming in your sector

5. Look for opportunities – everywhere, everyday.

🎙️For more, listen to my podcast Million Dollar Agent - Episode 25 ‘Stop Listening to the Media’

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