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The Snowball Effect.

You want to do this.

The Snowball Effect, (not to be confused with "being a snowball') Everybody's heard of it - and in a positive light everyone secretly hopes it's happening, whether they are making an effort or not, i.e superannuation, interest in the bank, share prices, popularity on social media etc. By the very definition the Snowball Effect means that something starts small and as it gains momentum, gradually becoming larger and developing more mass over time. Surely by its definition, the Snowball Effect should require very little effort and the whole process should happen organically due to good looks, good luck or good fortune. Right? Wrong!

I believe the key to success in any type of sales role is heavily reliant on creating a Snowball Effect. You want to develop the sort of momentum that builds upon itself so you can continually reap the rewards. This will make your work life easy and enjoyable, once the snowball is bigger than you are. However to achieve this your snowball has to keep MOVING. Warning, if the slope is so steep that the snowball can move on its own and speeds off down the hill without you, chances are there is someone faster and more experienced than you who is going to intercept it because you have lost control. The flip side is, if the ground is so flat that you can't even move it - you are probably in an industry that you don't know enough about. You should probably seek out more training or look for a role you are more familiar with. Ideally you want a nice slightly undulating slope where you can grow the snowball and your knowledge & experience at the same pace, building the momentum as you go.

Whether you are starting a new business or starting in sales, the critical thing is to spend time creating the snowball in the first place. Start a database of clients, build an email marketing platform, (I would recommend a program like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor) send 40 emails out per day, and make 20 calls, add useful contacts on LinkedIn, meet people, but don't stop. If you want that snowball to grow, keep the momentum up, keep emailing, cold calling, connecting and always always always follow up.

(After 18 years in commercial real estate I still send at least 40 emails per day.)

What happens if you don't keep pushing that snowball? Well its going to stop, and depending on the climate - it will either freeze at the meager size it is, meaning you have wasted all of your time building it in the first place, or it will simply melt and disappear all together.

From many years of sales experience I can tell you - the Snowball Effect NEVER happens on its own. That snowball is going to need a constant push to keep it moving. Don't stop, be consistent. Procrastination is like heat wave to the Snowball Effect and so is self doubt and laziness. Keep your cool, stay focused and keep going.

Heard of 'never take your eyes off the ball'? I say Sales 101: Never take your hands off the snowball to achieve a Snowball Effect.

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